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Hurricanes and Your Septic System

Hurricane season is upon us and severe weather could be just around the corner.  How does this affect your septic system? Flooding and high winds can adversely affect your system.  Here are some tips to guard your system against damage. Secure your system. Check your risers or septic tank covers if they are exposed to […]

Meet Holly Walker of Septic Preservation Services

Holly has been a member of the Septic Preservation Team for almost 18 months.  She was brought on initially to help with product descriptions with the online store but is now involved with packaging, pricing and postage, as well as increasing their presence online. Holly also has taken over  writing the daily blogs  and updating […]

Septic System Cleaning and Pumping

SEPTIC CLEANING & PUMPING Part of any good Preventative Maintenance Program is to ensure that your septic system is properly cleaned and is pumped on a regular basis. It is important to know the facts about septic cleaning and pumping to avoid making costly mistakes. SEPTIC CLEANING Getting your tanks cleaned on a regular basis […]

Meet Jamie Graffam from Septic Preservation Services

Meet Jamie Graffam of Septic Preservation Services.  He is a service tech at SPS and has been a member of the team for 3+ years.  He has completed the U.R.I. course for septic inspections as well as several other courses to help him with his service tech responsibilities. Jamie served 4 years in the Marine […]

Team BBQ and Camp Out in New Hampshire

 Septic Preservation Services provides professional, through, and quality septic services to our customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire.  We know that our team of inspectors, technicians, engineers, and office staff are the people that make our business a success.  This weekend we had a team BBQ and camp out in New Hampshire […]

Meet John Orlando of Septic Preservation Services

Meet John Orlando of Down to Earth Construction Services and  Septic Preservation Services.  John has built a reputation for quality building, new homes, excavating, and septic systems  since 1964.    John has been  full time  at  Down to Earth Construction Services and SPS since 1986.  He is a septic inspector and septic installer. John’s favorite […]

Meet John Figuerido of Septic Preservation Services

Meet John Figuerido of Septic Preservation Services.  John is a fairly new member of the SPS team.  He has been working at SPS for 10 months and is a service technician.  He is happy to be a member of the SPS family.  His favorite part of the job is the variety of jobs he handles […]

Soil and Your Septic System

Drainfield Soil  Soil plays a major part in the proper functioning of a septic system. Many people do not realize what an important role the type of soil can make in your drainfield. Soil failure can be  a major cause of septic system failure.  Soil works as a fine filter, and is the home to trillions […]

Summer Gatherings and Your Septic System

Summer is a great time of year for family gatherings, including cookouts, weddings, bbq’s, pool parties and even summer overnight guests. When planning for summer gatherings this summer, prevention can go a long way toward averting disasters with your septic system.  Parties, weddings, and any summer gathering can exert heavy use on your septic system. […]

Benefits of Low-Flow Toilets

Low-flow toilets are a great way to reduce the amount of wastewater that ends up in a septic system. If you live in an area that relies on private septic systems, as opposed to a municipal sewer system, it is important to do everything you can to reduce water usage to prevent expensive damage to […]