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All Clear Septic Consulting and Emergency Services

CONSULTING & EMERGENCY SERVICES In addition to Title 5 Inspections, septic repairs and cleaning services, All-Clear also provides professional consultations to property owners, both residential and commercial. We understand that most septic problems don’t occur between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday, so we also offer 24/7 emergency services to our customers. We’ll be there […]

Join our REALTOR Loyalty Program today!!!

  Join our REALTOR Loyalty Program today!!! We acknowledge and appreciate the referrals we get from out REALTOR® professionals!  Nurturing a strong relationship between REALTORS ® and the septic professionals creates a winning combination for all sellers. To thank you for your referrals, we have created the REALTOR® Loyalty Program.  You may receive periodic educational […]

Septic System Inspections and Assessments!

SEPTIC SYSTEMS INSPECTIONS & ASSESSMENTS Proper septic system inspection is the best way to prevent property owners from having to face unexpected and costly repairs. An inspector can determine whether you are disposing of sewage and gray wastewater in a safe and legal manner. MASSACHUSETTS TITLE 5  INSPECTION Since 1995, the State of Massachusetts has […]

Septic System Cleaning and Pumping!

SEPTIC CLEANING & PUMPING Part of any good Preventative Maintenance Program is to ensure that your septic system is properly cleaned and is pumped on a regular basis. It is important to know the facts about septic cleaning and pumping to avoid making costly mistakes. SEPTIC CLEANING Getting your tanks cleaned on a regular basis […]

Septic System Rejuvenation!

SEPTIC SYSTEM REJUVENATION All-Clear also offers an exciting new service to our customers that utilizes a patented technology to save failed septic systems.   This method is used as an alternative to replacing the septic system.  It allows failed septic systems to rapidly rejuvenate, extending the lifespan of the drainfield and the septic system, while […]

Septic Systems- Preventative Maintenance

SEPTIC SYSTEMS – PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Proper preventative maintenance can extend the life of your septic system. Systems that are not regularly maintained will average less than 20 years, however studies conducted by field professors, scientists and engineers reveal that proper maintenance can help a septic system to last indefinitely. This can save the homeowner thousands […]

Septic System Do’s and Don’ts!

SEPTIC SYSTEM DO’S AND DON’TS THINGS YOU SHOULD DO DO call All-Clear for a Voluntary Assessment of your septic system. DO conserve water whenever possible as a means of reducing the volume of wastewater that will need to be treated and disposed. DO make repairs to any faucets or toilets that are leaking. DO make […]

How Much Water Should a Household Use?

How much water does an average household use?  This can be important to your septic system since excess water can strain the decomposition process and result in a variety of problems. Here are some averages to keep you on track: Dishwasher cycle- 7 gallons Washing Machine- 40 gallons per load (front-loaders use less) Toilet- 2 […]

Beyond BOLD Media and Septic Preservation Enjoyed Scenic Sail!

Beyond BOLD Media was graciously offered a relaxing sailboat ride on Wednesday night  by Bob Silva and Roberta Murphy of Septic Preservation.    The weather was perfect, winds were steady  and the sunset was beautiful.  Kate Lanagan MacGregor, Sonia Amaral, Kevin Thompson and Marie Greany of Beyond BOLD Media joined Bob and Roberta for a […]